No One Will Save You Movie Review 2023

Brian Duffield has released his latest film, “No One Will Save You,” a science fiction horror movie with significant potential. The story follows Brynn, portrayed by Kaitlyn Dever, who lives in isolation from her community. Her daily routine consists of solitude at home, where she tinkers with small objects, cooks, and dances. However, her seemingly idyllic life is disrupted when her home is invaded by an otherworldly creature. As she attempts to escape, this encounter forces her to confront her past and the reasons behind her solitary existence.

No One Will Save You
No One Will Save You movie review (Image – Getty/Shutterstock/google)

The standout feature of “No One Will Save You” lies in its creative decision-making. The entire film relies on minimal dialogue and instead places a strong emphasis on sound. The initial part of the film focuses on the invasion itself, building tension through the effective use of sound. As Brynn cautiously navigates her home while evading the alien creature, every day sounds like ringing phones and creaky floorboards intensify the suspense.

No One Will Save You
No One Will Save You movie review (image – discovery /shutterstock)

Brynn’s intelligence adds depth to this sequence as she strategizes and fights back against her aggressor, making her a compelling protagonist. Furthermore, Duffield masterfully employs the house’s architecture to create fear and tension. From utilizing hidden corners to casting eerie shadows through frosted glass, the charming whimsy of the daytime house transforms into a chilling nightmare.

However, as the story progresses, it veers away from its initial brilliance. Duffield’s film misses opportunities to maintain the initial level of fear and starts using the alien creature in ways that lessen the suspense, eventually leading to indifference. The film’s main drawback is the lack of narrative context, leaving viewers in the dark about Brynn’s mourning process and the reasons for her community’s rejection. The script fails to create a connection with her character, instead relying on repetitive sequences of cat-and-mouse chase without clear direction.

Overall, “No One Will Save You” lacks a solid foundation and fails to effectively convey its intended fear. Themes of social isolation, unresolved trauma, and redemption remain undeveloped within a chaotic sequence of exhausting events. The film is a slow burn that struggles to maintain interest, despite Kaitlyn Dever’s physical performance that carries much of the emotional weight. Regrettably, the film’s execution falls short of its creative potential, leaving viewers waiting for a deeper background that is never fully provided. The initial creativity in the story’s setup is overshadowed by the lack of context and storytelling finesse, preventing “No One Will Save You” from truly capturing the audience’s emotions.

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