Google is celebrating its 25th anniversary today!

Over the past 25 years, they have developed many products we use daily 

Unfortunately, they have also discontinued numerous products and features that I cherished 

Here, I'll discuss 10 Google products that are no longer with us and that I miss dearly 

Google Now was a highly useful software feature, available before Google Discover 

Google Now (2012-2016):

Inbox was an experimental email interface created by Google's Gmail team. 

Inbox/ 2015-2019

Google+ was Google's attempt at a social network. 

Google+ /2011-2019 

These high-quality laptops garnered a devoted fanbase. 

Google-made Chromebooks: 2013-2019 

Google Play Music was a popular music streaming service known for its ability to upload and stream users 

Google Play Music (2011-2020)

Google's game streaming service offered cloud-based gaming. 

Stadia (2019-2023)

These phones ran stock Android on popular OEM hardware, offering a clean Android experience.  

Google Play Edition Phones (2013-2015)

Google Glass, featuring a small display and camera, faced controversy due to privacy concerns 

Google Glass (2013-2015) 

This virtual reality headset for smartphones offered a decent VR experience 

Google Daydream (2016-2019)

Allo was a messaging app integrated with Google Assistant. 

Google Allo (2016-2019)

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