Dogecoin fall to 10% after the logo of Dogecoin is vanished By Elon Musk on Twitter

the world's richest man Elon Musk is pumping and dumping the price of Dogecoin 

Imgae credit- Google

On 4 April Elon Musk announced that the logo of Twitter is changed from bird to Dogecoin

after this announcement the price of Dogecoin is surging by nearly 35% in a day.

but later the logo is replaced by the bird and the dogecoin price is fallen 

after the vanished of the dogecoin logo, it is down approx 10-15% with a day

A lot of investor stuck their money on dogecoin after Elon Musk's tweet 

so the rumor in the market is that dogecoin is pumped and dumped by Elon musk 

Imgae credit- Google

with this pump and dump he benefits their friend who is the developer of Dogecoin

what you think about it, comment on it.

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